Hardwood floor cleaning and refinishing

Listen to our customer for a real and trusted review of our floor finishing services:

I am sending you this email to again thank you for the wonderful job you did on cleaning and refinishing our hardwood floor.  We built our house in 1979 and had never had our front entry floor cleaned until you did it in 2010.  It had a number of ugly stains from cat vomit and these are completely gone.  We remained in the house while you worked and there was no mess or odor.  The floor still looks wonderful in 2012.  Thank you.

~ Gene and Judy Regier 


Hardwood Floor Refinishing - Before




Hardwood Floor Refinishing - After



Hardwood Floors

Wood Result 2


Wood Result 1

How do your wood floors look?
Scratched?  Scuffed?  Heavily worn areas?
You could refinish them yourself at great cost, creating a dusty environment.
OR you can call us for a cost-effective, no dust re-finishing of your floors.

(Please note: Some floors may be too thin to re-finish.)

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